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Virgin and tasty drinks!

MONIN virgin syrup range is perfect to create virgin but flavourful cocktails!

When it comes to choosing a drink without alcohol it is sometimes hard to find something really appealing. Virgin cocktails, often called mocktails, usually lack that kick in the taste that is given by spirits.

At MONIN we have developed a range of syrups to give you that kick, allowing you to experience a full-taste drink without using any alcohol.
MONIN Caribbean syrup (or Rum Flavour syrup) is a mix of spices that can be used to prepare delicious, healthy, non-alcoholic versions of a large number of world famous cocktails including the famous Mojito.
MONIN Gin Flavour syrup brings you delicate botanical flavours, along with juniper berries, light coriander and even citrus oil aromas. You will be able to switch the entire classical Gin cocktails to their non-alcoholic versions. Let's try a virgin Gin Fizz!
MONIN Tequila Flavour syrup bottles the taste of Mexico with very refreshing tasting notes, and a smoky after-taste. It can be used to create virgin Margaritas or the classical Tequila Sunrise.
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