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Top your drinks with tasty foams

You have prepared a simple drink and you need to add a special touch or you have carved a delicious cocktail and need something to make it even more outstanding? Topping your creations with a soft and tasty foam could be your solution!

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Foams can be created in many different ways. Andrea, our Beverage Innovation Director in Dubai is presenting a few.

Milk foam

Milk foam is very simple to prepare with a milkshake spindle mixer and can be used to top after dinners or to make refreshing ice cappuccinos.

Pour 100 ml of milk and 30 ml of your favourite MONIN syrup (don’t use acidic flavours that could curdle your milk) in a shaker tin with 3 ice cubes. Whisk it with the spindle mixer until you reach the desired texture and use immediately.

If you want to obtain a thicker and longer lasting milk foam, you can use a whipping canister and a texturizer like xanthan gum, soy lecithin, gelatin, or others. For a 500 ml canister use 400 ml milk, 80 ml MONIN syrup and the necessary amount of texturizer.

Non-dairy foams

Non-dairy foams are a perfect complement to any drinks due to the light texture and delicate consistence.

To prepare a non-dairy foam you should use a whipping canister.
Mix 100 ml of your favourite MONIN syrup or Le Fruit de MONIN (filter the seeds in case you are using Le Fruit de MONIN Kiwi or Berries) with 400 ml of water or a mix of water and citrus juice and add a texturizer.

Special foams

Using the techniques explained above you can create your special concoctions. Here is one of mine:

Tiramisu Light Cream

80 ml MONIN Tiramisu syrup
250 ml milk
100 ml fresh cream
3 eggs
Pour all ingredients in a 500 ml whipping canister, charge and shake.

Note: if you want to use it to create Tiramisu cups, you can use 2 chargers and obtain a thicker texture. Just add coffee-soaked lady fingers cookies and your home-made tiramisu is ready!

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