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The throwing method or Cuban Roll

Stéphane, our Beverage Innovation Director in Western Europe, shares with you his Tonka Bean Negroni recipe, mixed with the throwing method, also called Cuban Roll.

For many years we have been taught that there are 4 different ways of making drinks:
  • Built
  • Stirred in a mixing glass 
  • Shaken 
  • Blended in a blender or a spindle mixer 
But nowadays, it seems there is a technique arising: the “Cuban roll” or throwing method. 
This new way of making drinks was actually developed in 1923 in Boadas Cocteleria, one of the oldest bars in Barcelona, Spain, by a bartender coming  from the famous bar  El Floridita in Cuba. 
This technique is still used in Cuba, and also performed by great bartenders like Alex Kratena.
This way of making drinks is mostly used for alcoholic cocktails without heavy ingredients like juices, cream and eggs.
Its purpose is to cool and include air in the cocktail without overly diluting the ice. As you don’t smash the ice cubes like in a shaker, your cocktail will be less diluted.
This is also a nice opportunity to perform a show in front of your customers!
Click on the image to see the video

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