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Sweet & Sour

MONIN brings this mix to you with the convenience of a consistent and shelf-stable, professionally manufactured, ready to use product!

Lemons and limes have different taste profiles depending on the season, origin and ripeness of the fruit. Thanks to our expertise, at MONIN we can guarantee the consistency of our Sweet and Sour all year round so that your guests will always enjoy the same quality and taste in their favourite drinks.

A high-quality product chosen by many top bartenders, MONIN Sweet and Sour has a delicious balance of Sicilian lemon juice and lime juice, perfectly combined with a subtle sweetness guaranteed by the exclusive use of pure sugar. Anytime you shake a cocktail with MONIN Sweet and Sour, you will obtain a fragrant aroma of freshly squeezed citrus and a nice foamy texture on top of your drink.
Below are a few examples of applications with MONIN Sweet and Sour, the rest is up to your creativity!
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