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Apricot Bourbon

The importance of ice

Ice is an ingredient which is as important as any other ingredient in your drink

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Apricot Bourbon

Ice can really change the taste of your drink by refreshing it or diluting it (and in this case the quality of the frozen water is of course important).

There have been numerous articles on ice due to an increasing importance paid to it by many top mixologists among whom many Japanese bartenders.

Depending on the final taste you expect for your drink, you will have to choose between different types of ice : ice cubes (for instance half-moon shaped or square shaped), crushed ice, ice balls etc etc.

Keep in mind for instance that the bigger the ice cube in your glass, the more your drink will be chilled for a long while because ice will form like an iceberg that will take long to melt. On the contrary, crushed ice will melt quicker and dilute your cocktail.

Last but not least cold anesthetizes sweetness and reduces the alcohol feeling. Perfect tip for high sugar content drinks or strong alcoholic cocktails!

To learn more about the different forms of ice follow this link :

Here are some examples of ice uses

Why not also flavour your ice cubes ? Follow our tip here

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