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Flower Ice Cubes

Give an elegant twist to your drinks adding comestible flowers to your ice cubes.

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Mix MONIN floral flavours with flower ice cubes for a perfect match!

Perfect in fresh lemonades or clear cocktails, those ice cubes stand out if your drink is not too cloudy.

Ouyang Flower Ice Cubes recipe:

Flower Ice Cube
30 ml MONIN Rose syrup
30 ml MONIN Elder Flower syrup
700 ml water

Mix and pour into an ice cube mold.
ut in the freezer at -2 degrees celsius. Keep it for 12 hours and remove from the mold. Keep it into a plastic box for a better ease of use and put it in the freezer again.

Featured recipe:

90 ml MONIN Rose syrup
90 ml MONIN Jasmine syrup
40 ml MONIN Sweet & Sour concentrate
2L water

Add fresh fruits and mix well.

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