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cold brew

Brewed coffee in your cocktails

Brewed coffee is too often underestimated! This very typical coffee type can be really impressive when you know how to use it! You can create amazing coffee based signature drinks and obtain tastes that are really different from espresso.

cold brew

Wonder which brewing techniques are the best?

Attila, our Beverage Innovation Director and coffee expert, recommends you the three following techniques:

  • Chemex® which will make really elegant and clear coffees with a light body – perfect for the floral and fruity flavoured coffees
  • Aeropress®, the latest brewing machine which is really easy to use. You can travel with it because it is hard plastic and makes a great body and rich coffee
  • Hario V60® which is very popular and gives you a well-balanced and clean coffee

Try out this Chemex® surprising and simple recipe created with our latest White Peach syrup! This recipe competed last week for the award of the Best New Product in the Non-Coffee Beverage Category @ the WBC (World Barista Championship) in Rimini.

White Peach Brew
20 ml MONIN White Peach syrup
150 ml brewed coffee
Shake all ingredients with ice cubes and strain into a wine glass filled with ice cubes. You can garnish with grapefruit peel.

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