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  • video cocktails ananas fruit de monin


    [VIDEO] NEW Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple

    Sweet and tangy with a hint of acidity, Le Fruit de MONIN Pineapple perfectly captures this fruit's tender flesh. Add a splash of sunshine and exoticism to a pina-colada or create refreshing...

  • Popcorn syrup Halloween


    NEW MONIN syrup : discover POPCORN flavour

    Perfectly balanced and full bodied,  MONIN Popcorn syrup will add a roasted popcorn flavour with a hint of nuttiness in any coffee beverages and help craft unexpected classic #cocktails...

  • Pumpkin spice halloween MONIN


    MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup

    Go through the scariest time of the year with a heartwarming Pumpkin Spice flavoured Latte with MONIN !

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    Chocolate Cookie Milkshake

    Want some tips on how to create your own chocolate cookie milkshake at home ? Just follow the guide !

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    Peach Bellini

    Add a French touch to your bar and mix Champagne with Le Fruit de MONIN Peach for an elegant Bellini !

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    MONIN Caramel Cappuccino

    The day are getting cooler, treat yourself with this comforting Caramel Cappuccino.

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    MONIN Hazelnut Americano

    Warm you up with a comforting Hazelnut Americano.

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    Frosted Mint Iced Coffee

    Nice and refreshing, try this Frosted Mint Iced Coffee!

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    Falernum Tiki Cocktail

    Bring exotic flavours to your summer with this Falernum Tiki Cocktail!

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    Rainbow Jenga

    Celebrate Spring with this refreshing floral combination for a frink full of flavours... and colours!