MONIN Ceylon Tea concentrate - Asia Pac & MEI only

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A specialty from Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea benefits from perfect weather: lots of rain, pure air and brilliant sunshine, which gives it a long, fragrant leaves with a distinctive taste. Characterised by light golden glints, Ceylon tea provides a smooth and rich flavour, with citrus-like undertones and is often known as the world's finest tea.

Great in both hot and cold applications, MONIN Ceylon Tea concentrate will give a subtle aroma with a hint of character to your tea-based drinks!


Dark brown infused tea colour

Tasting notes

Nose: Fragrant tea leaf aroma

Attack: Freshly infused Ceylon tea

Length in mouth: Bitter tannin after taste

Beverage Innovation Director's Tip:

"MONIN Ceylon Tea concentrate goes really well with fruity flavours and is best served shaken. But my personal favourite is adding a hint of nutty notes with milk into this fine tea flavoured syrup!"


  • Flavoured iced teas
  • Milk teas
  • Cocktails
  • Mocktails

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