MONIN Toffee Nut syrup

MONIN Toffee Nut syrup ambiant

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Developed to satisfy demand in the UK, MONIN Toffee Nut syrup delivers rich buttery toffee and warm roasted macadamia nut notes.  Inspired by the popular sweets from British confectionery brand Quality Street®, Toffee Nut bottles this powerful flavour combination.

Toffee Nut syrup will give comfort and sweet succour as an irresistible twist to lattes, creating seductive dessert drinks and amazing ice cream sundaes when used as a gourmet pudding topping.

Clear light gold yellow.

Tasting notes
Strong smell of caramel with notes of buttered, roasted nuts, bold macadamia nut flavour in a buttery and rich toffee base.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
I like to combine Monin Toffee Nut syrup with MONIN White Chocolate sauce in a latte. Just mix MONIN sauce and syrup in the bottom of a tumbler glass and cover up with steamed milk.


  • Coffees
  • Flavoured milks
  • Dessert drinks

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