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Originally developed to make pistachio flavoured milk, MONIN Pistachio syrup bottles the distinctive delicate, sweet flavour used to make the popular ice cream.

One of three nuts mentioned in the bible, the pistachio is an ancient tree originating from Iran and Iraq with evidence of pistachio nut consumption dating back to 6750 BC.  It is now cultivated in the Middle East, some Mediterranean countries and California.

Technically a seed, the slim, oblong pistachio nut ranges in colour from pale creamy yellow to dark green and is encased in a hard beige shell.  It is delicious eaten fresh, roasted and salted as a snack or cooked in pilafs, poultry sauces and stuffings.  Pistachio is also a popular confectionery flavour used in baklava, ice cream, cakes and chocolate, as well as being a tasty salad ingredient.

Go nutty and add the distinctive, subtle flavour of MONIN Pistachio syrup to create luscious dessert drinks, milkshakes, coffees and chocolates.

Cloudy light green.

Tasting notes
Nose of roasted almonds, powder almond aftertaste, pleasant, sweet pistachio flavour which will remind you of your favorite pistachio ice cream.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
With its deep green colour MONIN Pistachio syrup is particularly useful for dessert drinks or even in lattes. Try to combine it in a shaken dessert drink with MONIN White Cacao liqueur, vodka and fresh cream.You’ll be simply amazed by the smoothness of the result.


  • Cocoas
  • Coffees
  • Milkshakes
  • Dessert drinks
  • MONIN Pistachio goes very well with White Chocolate

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