MONIN Morello Cherry syrup - EMEIA only

MONIN Morello Cherry syrup

For centuries, the red-fleshed cherry has remained the fruit with the highest worldwide consumption.  The morello cherry, which takes its name from the Italian word for sour, has a distinctly orange flesh and is softer and less sweet than the classic cherry resulting in a fruity abundance of sour flesh. Widely consumed as syrup and in preserves, pies and puddings like the famous ‘clafoutis’, morello cherries are also perfect for making cherry beer or liqueur. 

Discover how MONIN has captured the high-summer flavour of this fruit, which will perfectly enhance your cocktails, smoothies and coffee. Enjoy the gourmet flavours of MONIN Morello Cherry throughout the year in all your creations.

Deep dark red

Tasting notes
Macerated cherries. Taste of cherry juice, and core smell sour cherry aftertaste.

Beverage Innovation Director tips
Using Morello Cherry enables us to play on the colours of the drinks:  a beautiful mix of purple and red.  Try combining this flavour with herbs, such as rosemary, tarragon and mint to create unique and tasty cocktails.You can also find inspiration from your childhood favourites such as Granny’s homemade cherry pie.  


  • Cocktails
  • Sodas
  • Smoothies
  • Punches
  • Teas
  • Cocoa beverages
  • Cooking

Product only available in EMEIA please contact your local distributor.

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