MONIN Maple Spice syrup

MONIN Maple Spice syrup ambiant

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As winter melts into spring, maple sap begins to flow. Deriving from the maple sap, maple syrup is traditionally used in culinary applications, especially over pancakes and waffles. But there are many applications for the delicious maple flavour, beyond classic breakfast food. MONIN Maple Spice is a distinctive flavour which exudes the rich traditional taste of maple syrup and is perfect blend with hot and cold beverages. A subtle hint of spice provides a delightful flavour twist.

Translucent Amber.

Tasting notes
Nose: Gingerbread with cinnamon notes

Attack: Honey maple with mixed spice

Length in Mouth: Cinnamon with honey maple

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
One of my favourite uses of MONIN Maple Spice syrup is to combine it in a latte with other spice syrups, such as, MONIN Cinnamon, Spicy or even Chaï concentrate.


  • Lattes
  • Cappuccinos
  • Americanos
  • Iced coffees
  • Juices
  • Martinis
  • Dessert drinks

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