MONIN Violet liqueur

MONIN Violet liqueur ambiant

Few experiences are as pleasant as enjoying the tempting scent of sweet, violets at spring. Violets occur in purple blue and white forms, all of which bear the characteristic fragrance, described by ;Shakespeare as : "Forward, not permanent sweet, not lasting. The perfume and suppliance of a minute”. Some violet sayings include: “Wear a garland of violets to prevent dizziness”. Dream of violets and advance in life. Try MONIN Violet liqueur and please your taste buds by bringing a springtime floral accent to your beverages!

Clear ultra violet, very shiny.

Tasting notes
Authentic violet blossom aroma, acidulous floral flavour which will remind you of violet candies.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
Give a summer touch to your cocktails with MONIN Violet liqueur irresistible in a wine cocktail or just in a vodka and tonic. The flavours I prefer to combine with the floral touch of MONIN Violet liqueur would be gin for the spices, red berries (strawberry, raspberries...) for the velvety and fruity flavour. You can also add MONIN Violet liqueur to a creamy after dinner drink for a perfect match!


  • Cocktails
  • Wines and sparkling wine drinks

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