MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur

MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur ambiant

Green apples feature a light, bright green colour, though some may have a pink blush. They are crispy, juicy apples which are excellent for both cooking and eating raw. The most known green apple variety is the Granny Smith, said to have originated in Australia. MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur features the refreshing taste of green apples that can be further enhanced combined with other tart-sweet flavours, or with rich and sweet flavours.

Clear transparent.

Tasting notes
Strong "Granny Smith" flavour with the freshness of the skin.
Very acidulous and fruity taste of green apple with slight sweet and bitter notes.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
Really versatile, MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur, with this aroma of fresh and juicy Granny Smith,is great for gorgeous martinis long and fruity drinks like iced teas or soda drinks. You can also use it on a vanilla ice cream or lime sorbet for a delightfull dessert. It is very easy to mix with all, the orchard fruits like peach, pear apricot. I would recommended: a MONIN Green Apple fizz a really nice combination of MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur, gin, lemon juice, egg white shaken and topped with soda or ginger ale for a special one. MONIN Manzana Verde liqueur can also flavour your white wines.


  • Cocktails

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