MONIN Green Melon liqueur

MONIN Green Melon liqueur ambiant

Green Melon is a very refreshing fruit which grows in tropic and subtropic areas of the world. Its white flesh is very juicy and filled with water, and its taste is quite strong and recognizable. It is a very popular ingredient for bartenders, as it brings unusual notes to their favourite creations. With MONIN Green Melon liqueur, you can enjoy this exotic touch and add an amazing emerald colour to your drink offer all year long!

Vivid emerald green

Tasting notes
Freshly cut and perfectly matured green melon nose. Smooth, round and vevelty taste of green melon. Silky feel on the palate and subtle taste taht turns intense at the end. Banana and green melon after notes.

Beverage innovation directors tips
Thanks to this great refreshing flavour and amazing green colour, MONIN Green Melon liqueur will take your cocktails to a new dimension. It brings a perfect twist to classic cocktails like fizzes, sours, collins, mojitos and pinas, but my favourite one is the margarita: the smoky flavour of the tequila, the acidity of the lime, all combined with the exotic taste of MONIN Green Melon makes a perfect blend. If you want to keep it simple just mix MONIN Green Melon liqueur with apple juice, crystal cranberry juice and lemonade : you will get a nice thirst quench drink.


  • Wine cocktails
  • Short & long drinks

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