MONIN Lime Rantcho

Concentrate cocktails lime rantcho monin


Encased in a smooth, bright green skin, limes have an aromatic, juicy flesh, whose sharpness, acidity and bitterness characterise many of our best loved cocktails and dishes. Their origin is uncertain but they are believed to have been grown in Indonesia or Southeast Asia.

MONIN Lime Rantcho is a convenient, consistent concentrate which will impart a refreshing lime zing to a variety of classic cocktails such as traditional gin & tonics, margaritas, caïpirinhas and mojitos.


Cloudy light yellow

Tasting notes

  • Noze: Fresh lime
  • Attack: Fresh lime juice with high acidity
  • Length in mouth: Sour

Beverage Innovation Directors tips

"MONIN Lime Rantcho is the perfect solution to replace fresh lime juice in all classic cocktails, from daïquiris to margaritas. It will bring you the right acidity and the typical lime flavour. Try it into an handcrafted soda with exotic fruits like passion or mango.

My favourite twist is to add it to a gin & tonic flavoured with Cucumber & Elder Flower syrups, I call it Garden Party." Raphaël Duron, MONIN Beverage Innovation Manager.


  • Cocktails
  • Mocktails



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