WBC finalists

WBC results

The New World Barista Champion 2014 is from Japan ! Congratulations to Hidenori Izaki!

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Stavros Lamprinidris
WBC finalists

This year the World Barista Championship (WBC) took place in Rimini, Italy.
Gathering all coffee players from all over the world, WBC is the flaship’s event for the barista profession. As usual, MONIN was official sponsor of this prestigious competition promoting coffee excellence.

In conjuction to this event, MONIN had a booth at WORLD OF COFFEE showcasing all new flavours and serving fantastic coffee and cocktail drinks!

Champions representing more than 50 countries had to prepare each 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15 minutes performance set to music in front of a panel of certified judges. They were evaluated on the taste of beverages served, creativity, technical skills, cleanliness and overall presentation. We got the privilege to have our Beverage Innovation Director for Latin America Danilo as a certified judge for the final!

The top 12 competitors from the first round advanced to a semifinal round. The top 6 competitors in the semifinal round advanced to the finals round, from which one winner is named World Barista Champion!

World Barista Championship 2014 Results:

Champion: Hidenori Izaki, Japan
2nd: Kapo Chiu, Hong Kong
3rd: Christos Loukakis, Greece
4th: Craig Simon, Australia
5th: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, United Kingdom
6th: William Hernandez, El Salvador

Another category is to be highlighted: Cezve Ibrik Championship. Celebrating the cultural tradition of brewing coffee, this competition encourages contestants to bring their own and cultural style to this performance.
Famous Greek Barista Stavros Lamprinidris took the 1st place using our MONIN Maple Spice syrup!


10 ml MONIN Maple Spice syrup infused with cinnamon.
Boil the flavoured water with coffee and double brew from aero press.
Cool down your coffee using cold “Bain Marie” method and serve in a chilled glass. You can add dry ice for a visual effect