NEW Le Fruit de MONIN Flavours

Exclusive launch of 3 Le Fruit de MONIN Flavours !

Discover our 3 latest innovation on the Le Fruit de MONIN range:

- Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu captures the best of this contemporary East-Asia ingredient. Tangy and tart with a sensual and refreshing citrus fragrance, Yuzu is the new premium citrus must-have on menus and drinks.

- Le Fruit de MONIN Blueberry is bursting with delicate blueberry flavour: distinct, mild sweetness marries with a hint of tartness, making this fruit the star of aromatic cobblers, jams and muffins. Our blueberry fruit mix brings the essence of this superfruit to fragrant smoothies, cocktails, and dessert drinks.

- Le Fruit de MONIN Cherry features the just-picked flavour of ripe, succulent summer cherries. With its abundance of taste and colour, it will take you back to the sunny days of childhood.

To order and try our new flavours, contact your local distributor (contact list here)