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  • Paul bocuse institute partnership

    MONIN, "bar" partner of the Paul Bocuse Institute

    MONIN becomes the main partner of the Paul Bocuse Institute and strengthens its involvement in mixology trainings, in France and worldwide. 

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  • monin cup press release

    MONIN CUP Final 2016

    The 4th edition of the international final of the MONIN CUP took place on December 05th at Pavillon Gabriel, a unique and prestigious venue located in Paris!

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  • IBA WCC 2016

    IBA World Cocktail Championship 2016

    This year, the IBA WCC took place in Tokyo and MONIN strongly supported the WCC champions, winning 12 out of 18 medals! 

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  • NEW Le Fruit de MONIN Flavours

    Exclusive launch of 3 Le Fruit de MONIN Flavours !

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  • NEW MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup!

    Kick start the Autumn season with a true heartwarming delight!

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  • NEW MONIN Brownie syrup!

    MONIN has captured the taste of this succulent dessert, the brownie. MONIN Brownie syrup features a super-rich, fudgy-chocolate confection enriched with a buttery walnut nose and aroma.

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  • NEW MONIN Lemonade Mix!

    Made with Sicilian lemons, Lemonade Mix is a lemonbased concentrate designed to make easy, yet refreshing homemade-style lemonades.

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  • NEW Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee

    Start your day right with Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee delivering a sensual sweet flavour with a floral touch.

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  • NEW MONIN Tonka Bean syrup!

    Be original and create gourmet drinks with the rich and intense flavour of Tonka Bean. 

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  • MONIN Cup Final 2014

    Discover the winning recipes of the final of the MONIN Cup held in December 2014 in Paris.

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