A night out in Guangzhou by Anson Lei

So what’s next after dinner? Interested on a night out in Guangzhou? 

Party Pier or 珠江琶醍 in Chinese is the current hotspot for a great night out in GuangZhou. The pier has more than 20 over bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs which face an amazing view of the ZhuJiang River.

But do not hesitate to escape out of Party Pier to get to 1920 Restaurant & Bar which is one of the most popular eateries in Guangzhou featuring German cuisine and also considered one of the best bars for cocktails. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail to end a perfect day at 1920 Restaurant & Bar!

Ginger Nut Mint Julep
25 ml MONIN Macadamia Nut syrup
50 ml Bourbon whiskey 
10 ml fresh lime juice
2 pieces fresh ginger
10 mint leaves
crushed ice