Jeff's recommendation : The Aviary Chicago

The Aviary is one of a kind of cocktail lounge located in the up and coming market district of Chicago, Illinois.

While they do serve small bites of food, The Aviary’s primary focus is centered around truly creative and innovative craft cocktails.  The bartenders are masterfully trained and prepare each cocktail in a specifically designed “bar kitchen” away from the guest.  Service and staff is reminiscent of Michelin Star restaurant and takes place in an odd, but comfortable artsy modern mid-century hybrid lounge.

While the menu changes frequently, you can expect to find cocktails of the ilk of an Old Fashion prepared completely inside a hollow egg shaped sphere of ice that is cracked tableside by a device of The Aviary’s own design. Or perhaps an individual infused cocktail, again served from a proprietary vessel, that grows in flavor and intensity as you drink it is more your style.  The cocktails are recommended in courses, and the staff will help guide you from light to bold to enhance your enjoyment.  Of course, they can also be ordered individually, and you can rest assured that you will never encounter another cocktail prepared or served like the beverages served here.

I was fortunate to experience The Aviary with my colleagues on recent trip to Chicago, and would highly recommend this lounge.  Be sure to make a reservation well in advance, they do accept walk-ins, but the wait can be rather lengthy.

Cheers !

The Aviary
955 W Fulton Market
IL 60 607