Bars of Les Hôtels de Beauval

When it comes to talk about cocktail bars, we first think of high end Parisian cocktail bars and their top competition winner mixologists. But if you look deeper, you will find in France many talented bartenders all over the country!

I’d like to introduce you to a place I know well, as I used to be its bar manager before working for MONIN. I am taking you to a lovely city in the Loire Valley named Saint-Aignan sur Cher, famous for the magnificent Zoo Parc de Beauval. Just a few minutes walk from the Zoo there are two hotels : Les Jardins de Beauval and Les Pagodes de Beauval.

When you walk in Les Jardins de Beauval, you arrive in large Balinese style hall leading you to the Kebaya, the hotel bar.

Jean-Baptiste Molitor and his team welcome you in this warm and cosy lounge decorated with handcrafted sculpted wood, low teak tables and embroidered cushions. The bar menu offers a creative selection of Signature drinks, Tiki Cocktails and classics on demand. The terrace, overlooking the water, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cocktail.

In the brand new hotel Les Pagodes de Beauval, recently inaugurated in april 2015, China’s treasure await you. This stunning hotel is found at the heart of a verdant expanse dotted with a flamboyant Chinese style building, arched roofs with ceramic dragons perched atop them.

The Shanghaï Bar and its two lounges are decorated in a 1930’s Chinese style and hosted by Ludovic Lorillard, classic cocktail vice champion for France in 2014, and his team. Here again you can appreciate an original selection of Signature cocktails, whether hot or cold, and an array of fine spirits, whiskies, rums and digestives, comfortably seated in traditional Chinese crafted chairs and sofas.

And remember, when you go, tell them Raphaël sent you !

“Tropical Beach” by Ludovic Lorillard

10ml MONIN Vanilla syrup
5ml MONIN Spicy syrup
30ml Spiced rum
20ml Campari
120ml orange juice
2 dashes orange bitter
2 dashes Angostura bitter

Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain in a Tiki mug full of ice. Garnish with an orange wheel, mint sprig and a chili pepper.

“Agua de Jamaïca” by Jean-Baptiste Molitor

15ml MONIN Falernum syrup
10ml MONIN Lemongrass syrup
40ml Jamaïcan rum
20ml lime juice
120ml ginger & hibiscus infusion

Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain in a rock glass. Garnish with ginger, lemongrass stick and mint sprig.

“My Name Is” by Jean-Baptiste Molitor

10ml MONIN Falernum syrup
40ml 12 years old Venezuelan rum
25ml red vermouth
10 ml amaretto liqueur

3 dashes orange bitter

In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour all ingredients, stir to cool the mix. Strain in a pre-chilled coupette, and garnish with a caramelized orange zest.